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Psychology of Addiction

While the text authors do not advocate always beginning treatment with a full evaluation, especially as a prerequisite for treatment, they note that this is sometimes a requirement. In cases such as court referral or for purposes of insurance reimbursement a full evaluation and/or diagnosis may be required. The information gained can also be useful in ensuring proper treatment placement and in identifying strengths and needs to be used in treatment planning. In short, whether the evaluation is done before placing the client in a formal treatment setting, or as an ongoing part of the therapeutic process, understanding the elements of a comprehensive evaluation is an important skill for those working in this field.

Describe the process of conducting an evaluation for a substance use disorder. Be sure to include each of the following to ensure a complete description and include solid academic support:

Nature and severity of substance use
Problems related to/stemming from use
Motivation for change
Client’s strengths and resources
Functional Analysis
For each of these areas, discuss how you would assess this area, if applicable, what tests would you

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