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PUBLIC POLICY &MGMT journal entry
there are 7 journal entries
each one has its own topic
will upload the article related to the each journal
Each journal has reflect question ,answer the questions after reading the related article.
Each journal entry about two pages and citation at the end of each journal entry.
And some reflect question will relate to the policy focus, my policy focus is :police body camera.
1.Rational and Nonrational Decision-Making
Answer both of the questions below:

Explain briefly why multiple problems and multiple goals make it more likely that decisions will be made nonrationally rather than rationally. Give at least 2 different major reasons. (50%)
What are the multiple problems and multiple goals that affect the policy you have chosen to focus on? If you are doing a blog post for this question, please link to a source that discusses or describes a the multiple problems and/or multiple goals in your policy focus area and provide an image related to multiple problems and/or goals. (50%)
Decision Making and Leadership (Please read pages 135-153 (on decision making) and pages 158-160 (Case Study: The Swine Flu Fiasco) in Chapter 6 of Contemporary Public Administration by Palumbo and Maynard-Moody)

2.Group think
Answer all parts of the question:

Describe a situation related to your policy focus in which Groupthink or the Abilene Paradox occurs (30%). Identify at least 2 features of either Groupthink or the Abilene Paradox that are present and describe briefly how these features appear in this situation (40%). What remedy would you propose if you were managing the situation and why (30%)? If you are doing a blog post for this question, please link to a source that discusses or describes a group decision that exhibits features of Groupthink or Abilene Paradox in your policy focus area and provide an image related to either the group process or the outcome of such decisions in your policy focus area.

3.Cross-cultural communication
Describe the cultural iceberg. (20%) Provide examples of cultural differences that are easy to see and ones that are hard to see. (40%)

What cultural differences in the area of your policy focus could affect communication between policy makers and policy implementers or between policy makers and policy implementers and members of the public? (40%)

4.i already did that one so skip this one.

5.Motivating Changes in Behavior
What changes in behavior does your policy focus entail? (Please do not say that the legislators have to change the way they vote or the public needs to be more supportive. We are looking for specific changes in the behavior of the general public (e.g., wearing seatbelts, not littering, not drinking and driving, etc.) or in the behavior of specific groups (e.g., de-escalation training for police, registration of guns by gun-owners, etc.)). (20%)

Name two needs from Maslow’s hierarchy that you can use to motivate the change and how each of these needs could be used to promote the behavior change (e.g., Need: Esteem. An ad campaign can convince people to quit littering by relating littering behavior to “low-class” behavior.) For each need, explain briefly why the way of using it would be effective. (e.g., By relating littering to “low-class” behavior, the ad campaign implies that if you litter, other people will think you are “low-class” and will think less highly of you. Your need for external validation will encourage you to change your littering behavior.) (40% for each need)

Define the difference between positions and interests in interest-based or integrative negotiating (25%). Identify an issue that might be negotiated in your area of policy focus and at least two relevant groups with different positions (25%). (For example, in the example from Quincy, CA presented in class, the issue was the forest management policy and two of the groups were the timber company employees and the environmentalists.) Describe the positions and interests of the two groups in your policy focus (25%) and identify at least one option that would satisfy some interests of each party (25%).

7.Speaker Questions
Think about what the speaker had to say about his or her job as a public manager. Focus on something that inspired you or made you think differently about what public managers do to affect the way policies are implemented and, ultimately, the kind of world we live in.

Briefly describe what the speaker said and how it changed your understanding of the possibilities and/or the challenges of managing public policy.
How does your new understanding affect what you see as a challenge or a possibility in the area of your policy focus? The challenges and/or possibilities could be in the job of the public manager or could be in the content of the policy.

The speaker guest in my class is Irvine Chief of Police, David Maggard Jr.
here is four related website link plus i will upload the one more related article later
he talked about how police should use their force, how police should help their local people, use of body camera and etc.
my policy focus is police body camera.

Let me mention again each essay only need to write 2 page
and i will upload the related article later which has named with number which match to the number of each essay.
one more thing, the each essay need to be separated

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