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pyschoactive drugs research in 1950’s and 1960’s. Including LSD Studies. Was such use on humans was ethical. Other possibility would be to determine if the research actually encouraged the widespread use of the drug in the counterculture.

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Global Heritage III


Research Paper Instructions

Yes, we will also do a research paper in this class as well.

Unlike the other two papers in the Global Heritage sequence, in which the instructor provided topics and the student created the thesis, the student will design the research topic and thesis. In asking you to do so, I hope to prepare you for self-directed research in your major. Completed, your research paper should be approximately 2250 to 3000 words in length.

Please choose a topic that interests you: you will stay with it until December!

A. Designating an Area within the Topic to Study
Once you have located a topic of interest, try designating an area, or an approach, to address within the topic. This is an intermediate step before developing a thesis; if done correctly, it should facilitate the writing of your thesis. In finding an area or an approach, try using the following list of verbs.

We use these verbs in such things as paper assignments and as essay questions because they help focus our attention and they help keep us on track. Try using them to develop a specific focus within your topic. See how they worked in the previous Global Heritage paper assignments, reproduced below.

Research Paper Timetable
Unlike the past, this instructor will not announce due dates for the Research Proposal, Outline, nor Preliminary Draft. You may anticipate that he will make spot checks for the Proposal around Labor Day, for the Outline around the end of September, and for the Preliminary Draft during the month of October.
This instructor reserves the right to ask students to present research progress in class orally. Please be prepared to answer questions from the instructor and/or from your colleagues.

B. Elements of the Final Research Paper
On December 4, 2015, please present the following in a manila folder with your name on the tab.
Title Page
Research Proposal, with a preliminary bibliography of at least three sources
Outline (needn’t be elaborate)
Preliminary Drafts (at least one peer-reviewed, with reviewer’s comments)
Final Draft
Works Cited Page (the more sources, the stronger the paper)

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