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Quantitative Research Project
As stated in the email below, the topic should be decided and chosen by the writer according to the below criteria and then a brief about it to be sent to the University Adviser for his approval. Once approved and accepted the writer can go ahead and start working on the Assignment taking into account the parts mentioned in the email below. Assignment 6 is one of other Assignments (1, 2, 3 , 4 and 5) that we have completed and related to the Quantitative Research Methodology.
Comment: Assignment 6 should include the following points:

1. The topic “Scenario” should be chosen by the student and then sent to the University Professor to agree on. Once he agrees on the topic (A short paragraph about the topic to be sent to the Professor) we can go ahead and start working on the Assignment.
2. The Assignment should be minimum 15 pages.
3. There should be a separate page/s for the References used in the Assignment.
4. Assignment should include:
– Identification of issues.
– Literature Review
– Hypotheses development
– Methodology used
– Data Analysis
– Presentation of Recommendations.
– Separate page for Appendix for the Print out of the software used.

Below is the instructions of the Assignment as stated by the University.

Unit 6: Quantitative Methods in Action
• Integrative Overview of Quantitative Research Methods Coverage
• Additional study material
ASSIGNMENT: UNIT 6: Final Quantitative Research Project
A Single Quantitative Research Project Report (use of Minitab software is a Must)
• The final capstone report should be a minimum of 15 pages (double spaced) excluding any exhibits you may wish to include. A separate reference page is not counted as part of the page limit. The specific topic will be agreed upon between the student and the instructor prior to the report being approved. The project report will represent a comprehensive statistical analysis of a topic agreed upon by the student and instructor once the course has begun. The report will involve identification of issue, literature review and hypotheses development, methodology, data analysis, and presentation of recommendations. The report needs to be written at an appropriate level and will include a properly formatted reference section and an appendix for the print out of the software used.
Client has come up with more comments what is an actual job for now:

First if all, I would like to thank you for the good work your writer has done on Assignment 6. It has been drafted in a good academic way with an excellent English language. However, there are some points that I would like your writer to take into consideration:

1. The report has not been published before and not taken from any website with some amendments done. Please make sure it has been drafted by the writer. This is really serious.
2. Minitab data and charts to be included in Apendix page (So fat there is no Apendix).
3. Copy of the Questionnaire used is to be included in the Apendix.
4. Chapter 6: the Conclusion paragraph: it is better to include citation for the American Assocoation for Advertising and add this to the References.
5. The case study is going to be about a food distribution company in the Kingdom of Bahrain called “Jawad Business Group”, or (JBG). It is highly recomeded that the witer includes a brief about the company history and its financial status in the report. There is very useful information about the compnay that can be found on www.jawad.com. This would help the writer a lot to writer a breif about JBG.

I look forward to see all these comments included in the report.

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