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Question 3

Select an episode of a television crime drama of your own choice from any historical period, past and present. Discuss this episode in terms of its affiliation with the genre of television crime drama, noting genre, narrative and character aspects, as well as how meanings are produced in terms of the ideological representations of the law, justice and criminality. In your essay you should use terms and concepts from Tutorial 9 of the Study Guide. You must make reference to and use at least 6 scholarly articles and/or books drawn from the unit and/or from wider reading. Your essay should be guided by a key idea as discussed in Tutorial 9 and Tutorial 11. Your key idea must be stated in the introduction to your essay. An episode summary is required (max. 500 words).
Suggested crime dramas are:
Sherlock Holmes, various adaptations (UK and US)
Prime Suspect (UK)
Dexter (US)
Cagney and Lacey (US) Poirot (UK)
Miss Marple (UK) Underbelly – Squizzy (AUS)
Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (AUS) Colombo (US)
Boardwalk Emplire (US)
Killing Time (AUS)
The Wire (US)
Scott and Bailey (UK)
Hill Street Blues (US)
Dr. Blake Murder Mysteries (AUS)

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