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Choose a current company (at the approval of instructor) and either a plug-in or chapter topic and discuss how this strategy has either benefitted or damaged the company’s long-term sustainability.
Explain how Information Systems was utilized in the company’s plans and discuss the results.
Give recommendations on how the company should use Information Systems and why it will be beneficial in the long-term.
There is a minimum of three (3) citations.
Below is one suggestion. You may use other formats to cover your topic.

1.    Case Overview
2.    Company Information
a.    Background
b.    Business Model
c.    5 Forces Analysis
d.    Generic Strategy
3.    Detailed Problem Description
4.    Proposed IS Solution
5.    Solution Options (i.e. different vendors or contrasting strategies)
a.    Pros v Cons
b.    Costs v Benefits
1.    Final Recommendation
2.    Future Outlook

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