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Reaction Paper 4

Write a 500+ word (2+ page) paper focusing on the ethical dilemma “Should both women be treated equally?” Consider the following:
“In the heat of an argument, a woman grabs a gun and fires at her spouse, tying to kill him. She misses. Realizing the horror of what she has tried to do, she throws down the gun and embraces her husband. Another woman, also arguing with her spouse, grabs a gun and shoots at him. She, too, misses on the first shot. She fires again and again, a total of four times. Three of the bullets strike her husband and cause serious injury, but he is eventually able to run away from her and escape to safety.”
Explain why you believe the defense of abandonment as an ethical public policy should apply to the first woman, who shot at her husband, but not to the second woman. Be sure to explain the abandonment defense and include the rationales for abandonment from the fact pattern provided above to support your answer.
A. You must use a minimum of two (2) sources, and properly site these sources according to APA. Please note that sources may include the textbook and applicable statues/laws.
B. Paper must be 500+ words (2+ pages) typed in 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced, with correct spelling and grammar.

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