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Read the book Beggar Thy Neighbor Chapter 3 Page118-136. Ask one question, then answer it. I need the sentences and location in the book.Detail instructions please See the file I uploaded.

book link: https://books.google.com/books?id=hYHKGgxIM9IC&printsec=frontcover&dq=beggar+thy+neighbor&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0CB0Q6AEwAGoVChMIyZz72KuAyQIVipWICh13NwZ4#v=onepage&q=beggar%20thy%20neighbor&f=false
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Beggar thy Neighbor (BTN)—1 Questions with Your Answer
Answer One of Your Own Question in More Depth
Name ___________________________________ Chapter for Assignment _______ 1st ½ ___ 2nd ½ ____
Email _____________________ SID ____________ Date ____________________
• This is an assignment designed to assist students in developing their critical thinking skills and to also develop their research skills by helping them to answer questions they have.
• This assignment counts towards the Critical Thinking Skills learning goal and also in part towards the Literacy Development learning goal.
• This homework allows students to continue working on their ability to ask questions (which was something we started in class in a group exercise.)
• The purpose of this assignment is to allow a student to spend more time researching a question.1
• Success in this assignment is a high proficiency assignment.
Academic Integrity Statement
Students are to do their own work and are not to either copy their answers from other students or directly from sources. All writing, unless noted, is expected to be rephrased by the student. There should be no direct quoting when describing cultural references or historical figures. (One does have to copy the sentence in the book for each vocabulary word, historical figure, or cultural reference.)
The exception is that with the 10 Vocabulary words, definitions may be directly copied from COCA but it must be clearly sourced.
Source Quality
Students are to make it clear where their sources were found so that someone else can find the same source.
Additionally, students are to use their best judgement in picking quality sources. It is expected that many sources can be found directly via the internet or through UA library databases.
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• Please fill out the PDF form with your answers and save it. There is space for up to 5 questions.
• Your questions should be based on ½ of a BTN chapter.
• For each question provide the following
o Page and source for text that motivated your question
o Your question
o Your answer (1250 words minimum)
o Your sources
• Print out your form and submit it in class.
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5 Questions with Answers
Page of BTN
Provide the Sentence in BTN
and location of sentence that prompted your question
Describe your Question
Answer to Your Own Question (1250 words +)
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Word Count:
Sources—List Below

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