Real Men (“Nature”),Real Women (“Mother”),Trans Narratives (“Gender-Sex-Gender”)

Real Men (“Nature”),Real Women (“Mother”),Trans Narratives (“Gender-Sex-Gender”)

It should be approximately 5 pages long and make use of two sources from class. The two sources can be films, articles, websites, videos or a combination of those. You may use outside sources but this is not required. The focus of the paper should be your own ideas. You should have a clear main idea (a thesis) and it should be somewhere in the beginning of the paper so I know what I am reading about. You should support your idea directly with the sources you are discussing. Try to stick to one main point and don’t wander into more than perhaps one secondary point. It’s a short essay! The purpose of this paper is to give you an opportunity to further discuss something from class that you have more to say about. Perhaps you have been too shy to raise your hand, but have a terrific thought about sex education. Perhaps you learned something that changed the way you view healthcare or government from the AIDS documentaries. Perhaps you had a brilliant observation about Beyonce on the tip of your tongue, but the bell rang. This is your chance to share.

Section One: Keywords

Week 1 Introduction to course

Tuesday: —

Thursday:    Introduction to syllabus
Key Term discussion

Week 2 Real Men (“Nature”)

Tuesday:    Watch before class: “Mansome”

Thursday:    Before class: spend some time browsing sperm bank sites and/or dating sites looking for men

Week 3 Real Men (“Nature”)

Tuesday:    Read before class: Douglas Kellner (2013) Media Spectacle and Domestic Terrorism: The Case of the Batman/Joker Cinema Massacre, Review of Education, Pedagogy, and Cultural Studies
Watch before class: and read:

Thursday:    Listen before class: “Power of the Peer Group in Preventing Campus Rape”:

Week 4 Real Women (“Mother”)

Tuesday:    Watch before class: All the clips available of “Birth Moms” here: and
Read before class: and

Thursday:     Listen before class:

Read before class:

Watch before class:

Week 5 Real Women (“Family”)

Tuesday:    Watch before class:

Read before class:

Thursday:    Watch before class:

Read before class:

Adoption, Surrogacy, and Birthright

Week 6 Trans Narratives (“Gender-Sex-Gender”)

Tuesday:    Watch Before class “Becoming Chaz” and “Orange is the New Black” Season One, Episode Three: “Lesbian Request Denied” (both on Netflix)
Read before class: Transitioning Online: Cosmetic Surgery Tourism in Thailand Jillana B. Enteen

Thursday:     Tuesday: Watch before class:
Read before class:

Week 7 Catching Up

Tuesday:     Midterm review and in-class viewing of The Art Star and the Sudanese Twins

Thursday:    in-class midterm essay Exam

Section II:    Sisters (and Brothers and Others) Are Doin’ It For Themselves: Resistant and Alternative Media

Week 8 Fantasy

Tuesday:    Before class: browse the web for porn to whatever your level of comfort (often the front pages of sites are not too explicit)
Choose one of the .99 cent stories here:, download it, and read it before class.

Thursday:    If you have a kindle or kindle app, download Jack here: If you don’t have a kindle, download Jack  in your preferred format (includes a PDF option you can read on a computer) here:
Read before class.

Week 9 Teen Sex

Tuesday:    Read before class:

Thursday:    Read before class: Hasinoff, Amy Adele. 2012. Sexting as media production: Rethinking social media and sexuality. New Media Society, 1-17.
Browse before class:

Week 10 AIDS documentaries

Tuesday:    Watch before class:  We Were Here and How to Survive a Plague (both at Netflix)

Thursday:    In-class viewing of United in Anger: A History of ACT UP

Week 11

Tuesday:    Finish watching United in Anger in class and discussion

Thursday:    In-class caucus on topic/s for the last two weeks of class

Week 12 From the Street to the Net (and Back Again?): Activists Online

Tuesday:    Watch before class:

Thursday:    Browse before class:, and

Week 13 From the Street to the Net (and Back Again?) Activists Online

Tuesday:    Browse before class:


Week 14 TBA based on student caucus

Week 15 TBA based on student caucus

Week 16

Tuesday:    exam review

Thursday:    multiple-choice exam


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