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reflective account report for the Fine Art Speakers Lecturer programme.

write an 800 words reflective account report for the Fine Art Speakers Lecturer
I haven’t been to that Speakers Lecturer this year, so I don’t have any notes from the
speakers, the Lecturer usually invite some artists to come to the Lecturer to do some speak,
introduce themselves and their works (The most representative)/jobs (past and right now,
teachers or gallery)/area (interests)/how to success/style and process. Those artists are in
the area of photographic, painting, sculpture and collage; most of their works are in the
visual arts and contemporary art. My works/practices are about street photography (Black
and white, shooting images on the street, some kind of contemporary art photography I
think). Please write an 800 words reflective account between those Speakers (way of
thinking, works have done) and related to my practices (photography). You should do some
research before the writing, those artists only.
Please DO NOT writes any piece is largely descriptive of the artists’ background. You
could put some images (visually Document) with your ideas and text. More focus on
the reflective/related to my practices (street photography) and it must
have an insight and more reveals underlying ideas and methodologies.
Artist name:
1. Gerard Byrne
2. Garrett Phelan
3. Kirsten Glass
4. George Vasey
5. William Cobbing
Aim and Request:
Reflective writing is in the first person. (“I…” )
Pick a topic that emerges from the Speakers Lecturer programme and write an in depth
reflective text of around 800 words. You may elect to write about the practice of a single
artist, or a theme that encompasses a number of speakers. You may wish to compare or
contrast different artistic practices or positions.
The text can be enriched by engaging in some research before and after the lecture, to
investigate in more depth the artistic practice or topic. Material may be available in
catalogues, magazines and books as well as on-line resources.
The text should attempt to locate the artist’s practice, or some ideas underpinning the
practice, in a wider artistic, cultural or social context. You may wish to discuss how the
artist’s practice may relate to your own artistic interests.

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