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Reflective Essay

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Title: How do my behaviours impact on my approach to management?

What: You are to create a reflective report in which you demonstrate
• that you have explored, assessed and reflected upon your behaviours
• that you understand management roles in relation to working with and supervising others
• that you appreciate the societal demands which organisations must reflect in their practices
• that you have considered how your behaviours impact your approach to management


• Table of Contents

• Introduction to your paper – tell the marker what you are covering in the paper, how you have structured the paper and key points that you have explored.

• Body of the paper – there are many ways to present content in this paper. Each of the four learning modules you have studied introduced you to the content of the module and described why the content is valuable in an HR role. With each learning module there were questions/points provided for you to consider. As a minimum, you are expected to provide your reflective responses to each learning module – for some of you this may mean answering each question separately, for others you will find ways to ‘cluster’ responses. This is an individual choice.

• If you have been keeping your journal throughout the semester you will most likely have all the content you need for the paper, plus the artefacts that you have selected which support your learning.

• In drafting your paper make sure that what you have provided meets the four dot points under the ‘What’ section above.

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