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Reflective Essay – Group Work

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You will reflect on a personal experience of being a member of a group and write an essay analysing this experience. The group chosen as the focus of your discussion may include any type of group of which you are or have been a part, and may include a personal growth group, counselling group, support group, work group, sporting team, recreational group or club, etc. Please be careful not to include any information that might identify the specific group or its members.

Your essay should include:

• a brief description of the type of group, its purpose and aims

• analysis of significant elements of group process and dynamics present in the group

• evaluation of the approach to and effectiveness of group facilitation/leadership
• roles adopted by group members (including yourself)
• identification of stages of group development experienced by the group
• assessment of the effectiveness of the group (including any problems in functioning) and suggestions concerning how group functioning may be/have been enhanced
• identification of potentially significant ethical and/or legal issues

• reflection on personal and professional learning you have gained as a result of being a part of this group

• reference to relevant literature, appropriately linking your ideas to theory discussed in the unit

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