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Reflective Journal

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Reflective Journal
Grading Rubric

Submit a four- to five-page typed paper (not counting the title or reference page) summarizing your learning from this course that may influence your future practices as a social worker. Although this assignment is labeled as a journal, the assignment should use formal writing and display graduate-level work. The assignment should be double-spaced with 12-point font, Times New Roman.
Content (70%): Requirements:
1. Select three specific areas discussed in class, the VAC, or reading that were particularly important for you and discuss how each will influence your practice as a social worker.

2. Provide examples of these areas and specific experiences, readings, or discussions to support your analysis.

3. Show an awareness of the emotional impact of these experiences, issues, and topics (e.g., countertransference, relating personally or professionally to the topic on an emotional level).

4. Specifically discuss new insights and awareness.

5. Clearly discuss the influence of these insights on future practices as a social worker.
Instructors are looking for evidence related to the course objectives where you provide an account of a particular experience, issue, or topic; demonstrate an awareness of any emotional response the activity engendered; and describe the outcome of reflecting on the experience such as a new awareness or significant insight.

Class Topics listed below
1 Course Overview/ The Military and Military Culture
2 ??Military Social Work and Mental Health
3 ??Ethical Dilemmas for Social Workers in Military
4 ??Substance Abuse in the Military
5 ??Suicide and Homicide in the Military
6 ??Combat Trauma
7 ??PTSD Assessment
8 ??PTSD Treatment
9 ??Traumatic Brain Injury
10 ??Adjustment to Loss and Change
11 ??Military Sexual Trauma
12 ??Resilience and Positive Psychology
13 ??Physical Injuries and Case Management
14 ??Diversity
15 ??Coming Home: Transitions

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