Reflective report Skills portfolio

Reflective report Skills portfolio

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What transferrable skills have you acquired whilst undertaking your course and the Professional Development Programme, and how have you applied them through the duration of your studies? Please refer to the list of skills below as a guide, but not a definitive list, of the types of transferrable skills that you should incorporate in your answer. (minimum 500 words)

What transferrable skills do you still need to develop further, and how do you intend to do this as you transition into work? (minimum 500 words)

How can you demonstrate to a future employer that you have acquired the necessary skills competencies for your chosen career? (minimum 500 words)

The skills portfolio is the capstone of the Professional Development Programme and as such is designed to enable you to demonstrate the personal skills, accomplishments, experience and attributes that you have acquired and developed as part of your MSc course. A key component of the Skills Portfolio is the reflective exercise you must complete to assess the competency stream you have followed in the third part of the Professional Development Programme.

The skills portfolio should be evidence based and should include examples of the competencies you have developed and how you have applied these to your studies. In addition you will need to demonstrate how you can articulate these transferrable skills to potential employers, and how both your course and the PDP have contributed towards your career goals.

The skills portfolio should be an honest, in-depth reflection on your strengths and weaknesses and a detailed analysis of the skills and competencies you have acquired as well as of those which you still need to improve in order to maximise your personal potential. You will need to demonstrate how you have engaged with the principles of the Professional Development Programme through reference to the development of, or the need for further development of, the following competencies:

Team working
Presentation Skills
Communication Skills
Leadership Skills
Influencing Skills
Negotiation Skills
Problem Solving
Intercultural Competencies
Analytical skills
An understanding of ethics & corporate social responsibility
Career Management skills in terms of your career planning and development of employability competences through engagement with Careers & Placements and Careers Workshops

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