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Lab Project Part 3 Requirements Checklist
Lab Part 3 . Ensure all the requirements for lab 3 are included in your deliverable. Submit the *.sql or *.txt file (which should include all sql statements to be executed. I will be executing the SQL script (*.spl or *.txt) as submitted. Which means, I will NOT be updating the contents of the file before execution. For this reason, it is imperative that file being submitted is effectively tested and executes without error) and a detailed report (MS Word document) that includes sql statements executed and results of successful execution.
Ensure report adheres to APA standards and depicts Graduate level work.
In order to maximize your score on this deliverable, you should strive to exceed the minimum requirements outlined and incorporate additional sql statements with results you have utilized through the course thus far

a. Drop statements for all objects in the lab project – Leading statements of script. 10 pts
b. Create statements for all objects of the lab project (including COMMENT statements; may use comments from ER Assistant ERD file) 15 pts
c. Entity constraints where applicable. 10 pts
a. Primary keys – one entity should use a sequence as a primary key; sequences must not be used in place of a composite primary key
b. Foreign keys – where appropriate
c. NOT NULL, UNIQUE and IN constraints – where appropriate
d. Create indexes on foreign keys. 5 pts
e. Create two (2) views. 5 pts
f. Create at least 1 trigger. 5 pts
g. Check content of catalog and data dictionary views for your database objects created and their associated status(es).10pts
h. Insert statements – parent table should have 10 – 20 rows which will enable decent results when creating and testing queries, while child tables (related) should have 30 – 50 rows of data. 15 pts
i. This section should also contain suitable DML to demonstrate the proper functioning of each object (show that your data base works). 5 pts
j. Error free file (.txt or .sql with proper comments and proof of object creation using catalog views and select statements. Executable script file. 10 pts
L. DDL Section Report (APA Standards). 10 pts

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