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representation and reality
Study mass communication.Course is representation and reality.
using 12 photos or pictures to analysis the theory what we learn form class.it is a presentation.12 pictures or photos must get reference.
Marking scheme for Representation and Reality Assignment 1
The grading for your presentations will be conducted with recourse to the following criteria:
Understanding: How effectively have you demonstrated a critical and autonomous understanding of theoretical and philosophical reference points through relevant examples?

Excellent/Very Good/Good/Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory
Knowledge: How accurately have you explained appropriate theoretical and philosophical approaches and related terminologies in your analysis?

Excellent/Very Good/Good/Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory
Structure: How well have you structured your presentation, to address the relevant points and to cut out extraneous material?

Excellent/Very Good/Good/Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory
Communication skills: How clearly have you expressed yourself, through your diction, your tone and your level of critical engagement with your subject?

Excellent/Very Good/Good/Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory
Professional Behaviour: How effectively have you demonstrated critical engagement with, and appropriate conduct during, other students’ presentations? This includes how well you have engaged with the rest of your own group.

Excellent/Very Good/Good/Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory

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