Republican vs. True Woman due Sunday, June 15

Republican vs. True Woman due Sunday, June 15

This exerciseis intended to help you understand the impact of historical context and analyze the forces that shape women’s lives.

1.  For each type (‘Republican Motherhood’ vs ‘True Woman’) identify the period (dates) when each was culturally dominant style of womanhood.

I.  Data Collection

2.  Social Context – What were the roles of women during these two periods?  How young/old are women marrying?  What is the average family size and makeup?  What is the leading cause of death for women?  What types of services are available to help families?  What are the clothing styles and social customs prevalent in the period?  What new technology is available?

3.  Economic Context – What is the predominant economic system and products of the period?  Is this true of ‘all America’ (or is sectionalism an issue)?  What is the expected economic contribution of women in each of the periods (this may vary by race and class)?

4.  Cultural Context – is education valued for every woman during these periods?  What are the predominant forms of recreation?  Who is popular?  What type of music is popular?  What are the major events of the periods?  How are people communicating with each other and over what distances?

5.  Political Context – Who are the significant leaders of the nation?  What significant laws are passed or argued before the Supreme Court?  What are the political parties and what are the most significant political controversies?  What is ‘politically correct’) pertaining to race and gender in these periods?

II.  ComparisonMUST INCLUDE SPECIFIC EXAMPLES for these questions!!!

6.  How is clothing indicative of how women are spendingtheir time in the two periods?
7. How have opportunities changed for women?
8.  Which period would you rather live in and why?


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