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CASE:You are the Senior HR Executive
team for MiningCo.The organisation operates in a range of isolated locations and many of the workforce fly in and out on a rotating 2 week shift basis.You were all tasked with researching the impact of introducing a
performance management initiative on
the motivation of staff in your location.You are now coming together as
a group to make Managing People Teams
Part 1Assessment Brief recommendations
to the Board on the findings of your research and how these should impact
on their decisions going forwards.
Present your findings in a summary report with appendices of the data,
clearly noting which researcher carried
out which element of data


– Mining Co. have mines located in remote locations within Australia and other countries, this task relates to Australian based remote mine locations only – Western Australia and Queensland mines sites.

– Mining Co. have no strategy in place relating to performance management

TASK – undertake research relating to theories regarding motivation and performance management and the relationship between the two. Establish what theories would be applicable to FIFO ( fly in fly out) based on research

Please note: The case is the general research question for all of the team members in our group BUT my particular question for the research is under TASK
Please also put in text references under Harvard style.

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