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Research Methods for Business.

Research paper based on the course Research Methods for Business. File will be attached with all instructions and information.

Each Student must select a research topic in the context of existing business, collect data for the problem, and both model and solve the problem utilizing appropriate technology.

Student should arrange to speak with representatives from a local business that is willing to assist him in the project. Choices include local shops, stores in a shopping mall, or other enterprises that the student is interested in learning about. The student must address the problem by submitting interim project reports that address each of the following items:

Section No.    Description
Section 1:     The development and/or definition of the research problem;
Section 2:     A brief survey of the literature;
Section 3:     The choice of methodology and problem definition, preliminary discussion of assumptions, and analytical techniques;
Section 4:    The choice of research site and respondents;
Section 5:     A brief situational analysis;
Section 6:     The collection of relevant data and information; both quantitative and qualitative data must be considered (must include a discussion of how the qualitative data impacts on the research methodology and potential managerial practice);    W10

Section 7:     The model development and analysis of the data (the model must be developed and solved using a choice technology tool);    WK11
Section 8:     The evaluation of the ethics of the research and other perspectives (diversity/cultural);
Section 9:     The estimated value of the research, and contrast of global dimensions that might impact on problem interpretation or implementation (this must include a brief discussion of how globalization impacts on the implementation of recommendations in this area);
Section 10:     The presentation of research findings, interpretation of results, prioritized recommendations; and sensitivity/ comparative statics analysis; implication of research findings (must include elements relevant to (j) below); and    WK14
Section 11:     An innovation for the organization that might improve on the result obtained.     W14
Final Project Report Due    WK15

For the purpose of assurance of learning, the final project report receives 40 points, based on the:

(a)    Quality of the student presentation ;
(b)    Quality of the literature survey (section 2), problem definition (sections 1 and 3), and situational analysis (section 5) ;
(c)    Strength of data collected and benchmark data found with technology (section 6);
(d)    Scope and appropriateness of the modeling approach and resulting model solutions (section 7);
(e)    Appropriate use of technology to support decision making (section 7) ;
(f)    Overall quality of the sensitivity analysis and resulting recommendations (section 10) ;
(g)    Strength of ethical considerations relevant to the context of the problem and implementation (section 8) ;
(h)    Implication of research findings (section 10) ;
(i)    Quality of global contrast and impact of globalization on problem methodology and implementation (section 9) ;
(j)    Identification of select managerial practices and behavioral elements that affect or are affected by modeling approach, methodology, or recommendation (section 10) ; and
(k)    Quality and feasibility of the innovation that is prescribed as value-adding towards process improvement for the organization (section 11) .

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