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Topic Selection
Hydraulics Parameters.
Whatever your chosen topic, the most important aspect of your work will be to provide a critical analysis of an engineering question or problem. This should include technical aspects, but may also involve other criteria, such as economics, policies and regulations, health and environmental impacts, climate and geographic region specific considerations, social and cultural impacts etc. Providing a simple summary or literature review of a specific topic is not sufficient. Even if you base your work on documents that already provide an engineering analysis of an issue related to engineering hydrology, you will need to demonstrate that you have made an additional contribution that is new and unique and additional to that existing work (i.e. do not simply reiterate what someone else has already done).
What to include:
1) Abstract?
2) Introduction:
General Guidelines for the Report and the Presentation
??Frame your topic?e.g. What area of engineering hydrology does your topic belong to? What is the question that you are trying to answer? Why is this question important? What would you like to learn from this research?
??Brief synthesis of relevant literature?this should not be a lengthy literature review but rather a brief synopsis of the relevant information and documents that you used (e.g. introduce design documents that you compared?if applicable).
3) Engineering/technical details:
???Location and basic layout of a project (i.e. maps, photos, diagrams)?if applicable ?
???Data,numbersdescribingthefactsabouttheprojectORtechnicaldetailsdescribingthetopicthat you are researching ?4) Analysis/Discussion: ???Your critical thoughts about the project OR engineering question/issue???Short- and long-term benefits and potential negative impacts of the project/engineering issue ??Is the project innovative, sustainable etc. and in what way??if applicable???What have you learnt from this research????Anything else that you’d like to share ?Deliverable Specific Guidelines ?Final Report: ?Page limit – Submit a 5-10 page report (this page limit is for the main text of your report, max 1.5 spaced, normal margins, 11-pt Calibri or 12-pt Times New Roman). This page limit does not include figures, tables, photos, the reference list, and the cover page etc. ?Literature – All documents that you use need to be cited appropriately. Make sure to cite any statement that is based on someone else’s work appropriately. Never copy-paste whole sentences from someone else’s work; i.e. always re-write the information that you read about in your own words. You will need to provide a reference list and keep copies of the original documents that you used in case I ask you to submit those. ?Report organization – Prepare a well-organized report. Include a title page, table of contents, list of figures and tables (if applicable), reference list, and any other supplementary pages that is appropriate for your topic. ?

Group Presentation:
Prepare a 15 minutes presentation summarizing the most important findings of your research. Include the same sections as in your report and pictures to make it clear. Your presentation needs to look professional. Please use plain background and no animations or special effects. Make sure that everything is legible on your slides (even from the back of the classroom!) and that your slides are not over-crowded.
???Conciseness and organization?i.e. provide a well-rounded “story” that is brief, to-the-point, yet it contains all the relevant information. Your work should be well-thought out and well-organized. ?
???Quality of engineering data presented?pick the most relevant and interesting data and present the data in a technically sound manner. ?
???Quality of your critical thoughts?demonstrate that you have thought about the benefits and the possible consequences of the project/engineering question. Need to show that you contributed original thoughts in addition to what has already been done by others (i.e. synthesize and then extend the information that you have found in the literature). ?
???Technical presentation (for both the report and the presentation) ??professional, using appropriate technical terminology, proper use of the English language and grammar (I highly recommend taking advantage of the services that the university CLR office offers to students to check the composition and grammar of your work). ?

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