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You are required to submit a 2,000 word report detailing 1 complex issue that an offender may present with, in the justice environment. Your chosen complex issue will be PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). The focus of the report is on theoretical perspectives, trends and responses and the ‘best practice’ in the management of your given issue (PTSD). In doing this you will research, critically analyze and evaluate, perspectives and practices on professional practice in addressing your identified client issue. In your report you must include (You can use these to assist you to formulate headings for your report) • Description, symptoms and key indicators of PTSD, and how these impact on youth and adult offenders presenting for justice services. • An analysis of the contemporary theoretical explanations of PTSD. • Discuss the current trends with regards to treatment options for PTSD. • Identify at least 2 relevant legislation framework and appropriate treatment orders in relation to PTSD. • Discuss at least 1 psychological/counselling theory strategy for engaging and managing someone presenting with PTSD, highlighting how this will assist you with communication. • Identify 3 appropriate referral options for PTSD, outlining the process and requirements for the referral for on of these options. • Identify 3 appropriate response strategies that address values, attitudes, beliefs and stigmas about working with PTSD. • Identify 3 strategies for managing possible conflicts with clients in regards to PTSD. You must include appropriate references – APA referenced (in text citation and reference list)

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