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Research writing (summary and proposal)
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Research Topic: Nurses who do meditation have potential of having their stress reduced than nurses who do not participate in meditation.

Research Question: Do nurses who do meditation have potential of having their stress reduced than nurses who do not participate in meditation?
P- Nurses

I- Meditation

C- Nurses who do not participate in meditation

O- Reduced stress in nurses who do meditation

T- No time frame
The purpose of this project is for students to select a topic of clinical relevance, research the evidence and critically appraise the selected evidence each student will identify two sources of evidence, one a recent nursing research study, the other representing another level of evidence. Evaluate the study according to the guidelines in the textbook. A scholarly paper (one paper per group) and power point presentation must be developed and each student must give an oral presentation on an aspect of the project.
Identify a research problem (should be related to final project) and design an outline for a quantitative study or qualitative study (Include type of study, research questions/hypothesis, Data collection methods and how you would analyze the data-egg. statistics for quantitative or coding/themes for qualitative

1. Identify a research problem/question using the PICOT format (10%)

2. Conduct a literature search to identify best current evidence (15 %)

3. Identify levels of evidence represented (10%) (Qualitative, quantitative, meta-analysis, meta-synthesis-try to find the highest level of evidence)

4. Appraise/evaluate/critique the evidence (10%)

5. Provide a state of the science summary identifying commonalities and variations in practices and gaps in knowledge (15 %)

6. Recommend either a practice change or a continuation of current practice based on the evidence. (10%)

7. Design a plan to change or reinforce the recommended practice, including a way to evaluate the practice (10%)

8. Develop a brief power point to summarize and share your findings (10%

9. Use of APA, grammar, style, and organization of paper (5%)
Use the two attached articles below on meditation and stress for the above writing work, a page for an article, following the instructions above in the writing.

The Absracts, Introductoin, and literature review should be written on a separate page.

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