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Resolution of a design Project in response to a design brief..

You are required to:
1. Choose a design project within your major area (Graphic Design, Multi-media, Interior Design,
Fashion Design, Product Design, etc)
2. Write a Design Brief that will include: “creative brief”, “marketing brief” and “project brief” so as
to be innovative in the resolution of the design project
3. The design brief will be based on the following format:
Articulate a design concept for the design project. Make sure that your design concept is Clea
and MUST tell a good story. It must convey to its readers a compelling, cogent vision ground
in experience, facts and details.
Your concept should be closely related to a business plan. To achieve this, prepare a strong
and effective business proposal or conduct an effective review, start with a series of small, d
able tasks to generate the details required. Always ask the right questions at the start.
Product profiles
Product definition and product map in relation to the design concept and the marketing strat
(as a result of the business proposal). Glossary for the articulation of the proposed product.
And the appropriate graphics( for each major) required for the adequate representation of
proposed products.
Legally binding agreements that would be integral part of the brief, that is all the appropriat
legal issues that are required to be addressed so as to render the design project viable an
Planning documents
Project plans, how is the project managed, the resources required to deliver the project, th
adequate time required. The product plans, coordination of the project plans to meet the
product schedule. The organisational plans, the organisation required to carry out the pro]
The strategic plans, setting out of the road-map of the project, with precise targets and go
Policies and procedures

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