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Respond to Eichler and the Mass. Agency Readings

1. What are your reactions to learning how many people are vulnerable to a financial collapse or food insecurity?
2. Briefly describe how DMH evolved through the 1830s-1950s to its current state.
3. Describe the kinds of services that are currently offered by DMH and the kinds of mental disorders that are treated by DMH services.
4. Who receives services from DCF, and what kinds of programs and services are offered?
5. Click on the link for Mass. Executive Office of Health and Human Services -http://www.mass.gov/eohhs/consumer/ – and explore the website, in order to list the department that offers food assistance (also referred to as nutrition assistance) and the way to apply for it, as well as the department that offers public housing and the way to apply for it.

Response Criteria
For each response, you will be given discussion prompts/questions. You may also post text, photos, links, quotes, audio, or video responses to the readings. While these responses/posts should be detailed and specific enough to demonstrate that you read the material, they don’t have to be long (one to three thoughtful paragraphs will do). In addition, while your writing should be clear and understandable, you do not need to use a formal writing style when posting comments. For those who are uncomfortable with posting comments or using the internet, please see me and we can make alternative arrangements.

To receive full credit, you must post these to the course website by the appropriate due date. Each week’s reading responses will be graded on a scale from 10 to 0. For this course, I drop the two lowest reading response grades. Below are grading examples.

10 points: Responded to every reading, demonstrating an understanding of the concepts, theories, research, or narratives of each and, whenever possible, drew links between the reading and personal experiences or perspectives.

6 points: Responded to some (but not all) of the readings, demonstrating an understanding of the concepts, theories, research, or narratives of some of the readings.

3 points: Responded to one or more readings, but did not demonstrate an understanding of the concepts, theories, research, or narratives of each.

Discussion Board Guidelines and Rubric Guidelines

The Discussion Board questions provide you with an opportunity to illustrate what you have learned as a result of assigned readings, practical experiences in the classroom (as a student and/or observer and/or practice teacher), and research. Here are some guidelines that are designed to help you get the most out of this learning experience.

a. Use proper grammar and punctuation. You may find it helpful to write your response in a word processing document and then copy it to the discussion forum.

b. Before posting your initial answer to the Discussion Forum, be sure to read and reflect on all of the material assigned.

c. When responding to your classmates’ posts, you may agree, disagree, expand, ask for further clarification and/or bring up additional points.

d. Always reread your response to be sure it is respectful and clear. Avoid using sarcasm, as its use can easily be misunderstood as rudeness.

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