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Response to Discussion Paper

The Task
This assessment item builds upon the understandings developed in Assessment 2: Discussion Paper. In this assessment item you are required to draft a response to your own proposal to develop a plan or policy (Assessment 2). You should make clear recommendations with respect to whether your agency supports the preparation of the plan or policy, and critique the proposal using your own research to justify your position.
You must adopt a clear viewpoint by identifying the agency whose perspective you are writing from. This will be one of the following:
•    a national tourism agency
•    a state/provincial tourism agency
•    local government
•    marine agency (e.g. international marine agency, marine parks agency, fisheries)
•    protected lands agency (e.g. a national parks or conservation agency)
•    Indigenous agency (e.g. Aboriginal affairs agency).
Report Content
Your assessment should include the following:
1.    Position statement – this statement clearly indicates all the assumptions you have made about who you work for, the agency’s goals and the position and recommendations of your agency with respect to the Discussion Paper (Assessment 2)
2.    Critique of the background context – a critique of the background context, identifying any issues that are particularly relevant to your agency. Ensure that you have researched and properly referenced your response
3.    Critique of the statement of need – a response to the stated need for the proposed policy or plan
4.    Critique of the scope of the proposed plan – identification of possible policy approaches and instruments that the plan or policy will consider (this helps scope or provide direction to those who might be preparing the plan/policy)
5.    Critique of the proposed process – responses from your agency with respect to the proposed planning process including details of consultation, implementation and review.
In preparing this response paper you are to demonstrate your understanding of the tourism planning environment and an appreciation of the audience you are writing for. You are also required to demonstrate a high level of professional report writing and communication skills, and critical thinking and analytical skills. As a way of demonstrating this, in your paper you are to include the following:
•    Clear headings and well-structured paragraphs
•    No spelling, grammatical or typographical errors
•    in-text referencing and a reference list in Harvard Style as per the library style guide: http://libguides.scu.edu.au/harvard
•    All data, information and sources are to be clearly acknowledged
•    All quotes are to be properly referenced including author, date and page number.
Remember the quality of your response may determine whether the proposed tourism plan or policy will receive government support!
Marking criteria (equal weighting)
•    Responds directly to the task posed
•    Links clearly to unit content/theory
•    Depth of thought and critical thinking skills
•    Demonstrates evidence of relevant research
•    Adherence to good academic writing practice (e.g. grammar, spelling, clarity of expression, correct referencing).

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