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Restaurant Case Study
Paper Format
• The paper should be double-spaced with 1 inch margins. Use 12-point Times New Roman, Arial, or other easy-to-read font. All Excel work should be saved to Excel and then inserted into the paper so it is one document. (Use Insert Table > Insert Spreadsheet).

• I would prefer APA style to write and format your paper. If your group is more familiar with MLA (Modern Language Association) Style, that will be fine, too, but you must pick one and stick with it. Use in text citations and include a Works Cited page. Do not use footnotes or endnotes.

• Do not use first or second person in your writing. There should be no use of the words “I” or “we” or “you.” Instead refer to “Barbie Q” or “the owners of Barbie Q” or “the Jacksons” writing in third person.

• Assume that your reader is not familiar with the POM software. Explain what it is and link it back to known operations management techniques and formulas if you are using it. **I can handle this part of the paper as POM is a program we use.**

• This is one cohesive paper. If different group members are working on different sections, make sure that the final paper is one cohesive document that flows logically from topic to topic with thorough explanations that also do not repeat any material.

While you are answering the discussion questions listed, you are also showing how you conducted your analysis to arrive at your answers. Failure to do so will result in significant point reductions on your project. Remember that you are writing a paper, not just answering a series of questions.

The Case Study Company
Barbie Q is a two-year old restaurant in Stow, Ohio developed and owned by brother and sister, Howard and Brianna Jackson. The restaurant has been consistently busy and the profit margins adequate but sales are starting to level off due to local restaurant competition and the fact that the “newness” of Barbie Q has worn off. Howard is working on marketing ideas to draw new customers while Brianna is working on improving operations to help improve productivity and quality and reduce costs. They are considering an additional investment in a second restaurant to help grow the business, too, but are undecided on a second location site.

Barbie Q has a dual service model: customers can either place an order at the window and servers bring it to their table or customers can be seated and a server will take the order and bring the food. Customers can also place carryout orders and pick them up at a separate carryout window near the entrance. The restaurant is closed on Sundays and is open from 11am to 9pm Monday through Saturday.

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