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Review and Feedback Game Documents from 14 Students

1. Analyze 14 Game Projects (also called GDDs)
1a. Find the file(s) each student, extract the files. Every student has their own folder which contains their game design document and a review form to fill out. Some students also have presentation files to supplement.
1b. Read through and review the work.

2. Giving feedback
2a. Fill out the form titled: GAM351 Review abennett.PDF
2b. Answer the questions using proper grammar and English in the responses.
2c. Save the provided file. An Example is : GAM351 lGoddard Review abennett.PDF
3. Repeat all steps under 1 and 2 until all 14 students are completed
4. Complete the remaining steps to upload the saved files

5. Go to https://intranet.known-universe.com

6. Log-in

7. Access the course
7a. click the + sign next to “My Classes”
7b. Click on the third one: “GAM351-F15360”

8. File uploading
8a. Each PDF needs to be uploaded to
Week 15 >> Project Presentation-Review-Feedback
8b. Click “Respond”
8c. Name the Subject WK15 Review: Game Title
8d. In the message editor write: Review Form & Feedback.
8e. Attach corresponding PDF
8f. 1 file per post
8g. Click: Post Response.

9. Repeat steps 6b-6g.
10. Upload all PDFs to paperchoice and inform all above have been completed.

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