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Reward System And Its Impact On Employee Motivation

1- proposed research topic: provide a brief describtion or descriptive title or research question.
2- purposes: expand the topice by describing what you hope to accomplish, and the desired outcomes especially the practical or theoretical benefits to be gained.
3- background: describe the context of the proposed research, making it clear how this context will allow you to accomplish your stated purposes.
4-scope: describe such things as the time you will invest, when the field work will take place, the number of participants, and the numberof interviews you will conduct.
5-theoritical framework: briefly identify and explan the framework you will use to guide your investigation, how it fits your purose and its implications for the research methods.
6- method:describe in detail the steps you will take in attempting to answer your research question.
7-limitations: describe condition beyond your control that place restrictions on what you can do and the conclusions you may be able to draw.
8-delimitations: describ the boundaries of the study that you determains .

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