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Risk Management Issue

You are required to identify a specific risk management issue and write a report which explains the background to the issue and its significance to the industry.
Possible issues to research:
– Overcrowding and music festivals
– Spread of disease on cruise ships
– Alcohol abuse in sporting events
– Terrorism and mega events
– Injuries and adventure tourism
Issues should be selected based on relevance to this course (risk management issue) and your personal interest.

Suggested structure for the assignment:
(1) Title Page
(2) Executive Summary
(3) Table of Contents
(4) Introduction
(5) Analysis of the issue
(6) Analysis of current solutions
(7) Recommendations
(8) Conclusion
(9) References

15 references from:
Academic articles (most important)
Industry documents: reports, guidelines, policies
Government documents: guidelines, reports, policies etc
News articles

Note: writer is free to choose any possible issue that he/she is most comfortable with to write from the list of topics listed above

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