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Risk Management of JPL

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Max of 4 pages of text plus cover page and reference page totaling 6 pages
1.5 line spacing 11 or 12 pnt font
Min of 4 sources / no max but be realistic in four pages of text

When answering support answers with current logic and references/citations and do not repeat the question simply annotate when each question starts with it number as below:

Q1.1: The best way to…..

Q1.2: The office should have…..

Q2.1: It depends on what…..

Question 1. (25%)
1.1 (10%) Should Gentry Lee recommend launch or delay for the Mars Biological Explorer (MBE) mission? If so, why?

1.2 (15%) What are the most important factors to consider in this decision?

Question 2. (35%)
2.1 (15%) How did Gentry Lee, a project outsider, with no line authority, get the information to even consider such a decision? What processes did he install at JPL?

2.2 (20%) What role does each play, and what is critical for success?

2.2.1. (5%) What is the role of the risk review board?

2.2.2. (5%) What is the role of risk maps?

2.2.3. (5%) What is the role of risk reserves (cost and time)?

2.2.4. (5%) What is the role of tiger teams?

Question 3. (25%)
3.1 (10%) Consider the role of JPL’s senior system engineer, Gentry Lee. What challenges did he face when implementing the risk management process at JPL?

3.2 (15%) What makes Gentry Lee an effective CRO at JPL?

Question 4. (15%)
4 (15%) Do the new risk management process match JPL’s strategy and culture?

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