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Saving Lives in Saudi Arabia: Reforming a culture of recklessness bravado on the kingdom’s roads

Order Description

Methodology Chapter

This should be 5000 words covering the following;
• Introduction
• Qualitative methods
• Case Studies
o Justification of selecting these countries?
o Justification for selecting these campaigns. It is better to start these two section with CRITERIA OF SELECTION subtitle?
• Semi-structured interviews
o Justification for selecting these groups?
o Justification for selecting these cities?
• Interview questions and translation
• Interview subjects
• Quantitative methods
• Questionnaire designing and piloting
• Questionnaire translation (from English to Arabic and vice versa)
• Data collection
• Ethical considerations
• Data analysis using Lyxmancer and SPSS software
• Methodological limitations in cross-cultural study
• Limitations in sampling, data collection and analysis of data
• Justification of the chosen TVCs and advertising
• Conclusion

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