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SDLA 1 Topic: Culture as a consideration of effective palliative care
On completion of this SDLA, students will be able to:
• Distinguish between the practises of death and dying for Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People compared to non-Indigenous Australians
• Reflect on their own values and beliefs about death and dying and how this affects their personal and professional interactions
• Identify sources of spiritual, social and psychological support for people with life-limiting illnesses and their families
• Examine the role of culture for both the individual dying and the professional carer and the potential impact on the nurse/individual and family relationships
Activity 1: Summary
Construct a one-page summary of the following article. Your summary must be 250 words (+/- 10%), 12pt arial font and double-spaced text. You do not need to include other sources/references or a reference list.

Sinclair, C., Williams, G., Knight, A., & Auret, K. (2014). A public health approach to promoting advance care planning to Aboriginal people in regional communities. Australian Journal of Public Health, 22, 23-28. doi:10.1111/ajr.12079

Activity 2: Culturally sensitive palliative care
Access Palliative Care Curriculum for Undergraduates (PCC4U) from the following link:
Read ‘Engaging with Aboriginal communities in providing palliative care’. You can read about ‘Tom’ – if you click the tabs (see Tom’s Story) on the right of the page. Answer the questions below.
1. Consider how each of these factors – historical, social, physical and environmental, mortality and morbidity – can impact on the provision of palliative care for Aboriginal people.
Marking criteria and standards: Assessment 1: Self-Directed Learning Activities 1-4

Criteria Mark Satisfactory Unsatisfactory
One-page summary

/8 A one page (250 word) summary of the provided reading has been submitted (Arial, 12pt font, double-spaced). The summary is less than one page (250 words +/-10%)
The response does not summarise the provided reading
4-8 >4
Short answer questions/Activity

/4.5 A response is provided for each short-answer question.
Answers are written in full sentences except where the answer requires a list/dot-points/table Not all questions are answered
Responses are incomplete
Answers are not written in full sentences where required
2.5-4.5 >2.5

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