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Selection of Peer reviewed article

Use this space to identify the article you will be summarizing for the religion project.  Please use citation format according to the Chicago Manual of Style.

We are asking you to submit the article title a few weeks in advance of your article summary because we want to be sure that you have chosen an appropriate and useful article. The most important criteria for your article choice are:

-its relevance to the event that you will be observing

-its appropriateness as a scholarly reference

-it is not selected by another member of your group

If you have any questions about these criteria, please refer to the project guidelines and guides for finding appropriate articles (all included in this module) before you select your article.

How to find a peer-reviewed journal article for the group project
There is a USF library link (http://www.lib.usf.edu/guides/finding-articles/) posted in the group project module that does a nice job of succinctly summarizing the advantages and disadvantages of using various resources to find articles.  You can certainly use Google Scholar to get an idea of what kinds of articles are out there, but for this assignment it is most appropriate to find articles through the Subject Guides.  As you look through the subject listings, you will see several subjects that are appropriate to this assignment: Anthropology, Humanities and Cultural Studies, Religious Studies, Sociology, etc. This is by no means the only way to find articles through the university library system; for example, you could search through other databases or search within specific journals.  If you are unable to find something of interest through the Subject Guides, you are strongly encouraged to make an appointment with a librarian (you can communicate virtually or in person) to learn more about the available resources. Remember the parameters of the assignment as you search; you should select an article that is interesting to you and is relevant both to the particular denomination and particular type of event that your group has agreed upon.  This is discussed in greater length in the guidelines for the group project.
Why a peer-reviewed article?
A handful of students have proposed readings that are not journal articles and/or are not peer reviewed.  Although you are free to do other reading in preparation for your observation and presentation, it is important for this assignment that you select only a peer-reviewed journal article.  A peer-reviewed article has been subjected to multiple critiques by experts in that field in order to assure the quality of scholarship, and often has gone through several revisions before acceptance.
How can I tell if an article has been peer-reviewed?
Some general features of a peer-reviewed article may include:
-Multiple citations, either in-text or as endnotes, footnotes, or listed in a works cited or bibliography at the end of the article  -An abstract that briefly describes the article’s topic and main findings -The article is divided into sections such as: Introduction, Theory or Background, Methods, Literature Review, Results, Discussion, Conclusion  -The author’s credentials and academic affiliation  -Notes indicating when the article was submitted and when it was accepted If you find your article using the Subject Guides in the USF library website, it is almost definitely from a peer-reviewed journal.  Most, but not all, of what comes up under Google Scholar is also peer-reviewed, but some scholarly journals do not

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