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you should be reading the first 80 pages of “Start With Why,” by Simon Sinek. the link for this book is : ( http://futureahead.org/files/documents/Start-With-Why-Simon-Sinek.pdf ) USE ONLY THIS BOOK AS A SOURCE

after that : please prepare your typed responses to the following questions to be submitted at the beginning of our class.

Homework Assignment – “Gather Your Stories:”
Recall and reflect on specific experiences or stories that we will call Level 5 Stories that were impactful and important in your life–when you felt at your very best, or your very worst. The stories are “not necessarily the biggest events in your life, but those that have the most energy and emotion (energizing or upsetting/draining) around them.”

Select 2 of those experiences or stories. The first experience or story should be from early childhood, and the second should be from your involvement with School/Work/Clubs/Teams/Volunteering, etc.

You should plan to submit a 1-2 page typed double-spaced paper where you briefly recap those high and low times, and describe the emotions you felt:

1. During my childhood, an experience I recall that was very energizing was when…..
2. Another experience that had a major impact on my life was the day at work when….

“To discover your WHY, begin by looking at your past!”

informations about me :

i’m MUSLIM from Saudi Arabia 33 years old , i am a dad for 2 kids the boy is 7 and the girl is 4.

1- you can say that the worst experience that happened to me when i was 18 and i had a car accident and i was in a coma for 1 month.

2- you can say that the best experience that happened to me when i became a dad and came to USA TO study college.

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