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Senior Bootcamp

the paper talk about an event on the AUM university.it should include answering those questions:
Your written assignments should include the following information:
1. Why you attended the event (If the event was informational, what were you hoping to
2. Whether or not you found the information useful or the event fun or exciting
3. What you are going to do as a result of attending the event (e.g., join the group, attend
such events regularly, attend more games, etc.)
4. How did attending the event enhance your AUM experience?
The purpose of the events project is to introduce you to many of the possibilities of participation
in hopes that you will both have new experiences and discover experiences you want to continue
to participate in. Your purpose in writing the paper is to describe the two events you chose to
attend. Your audience is your fellow students. If being submitted to Blackboard or as a paper
document, please follow general MLA formatting guidelines concerning margins, font size, and
double spacing. Text and Twitter- style spelling and punctuation are not acceptable for this
some information about the event:
The Career Development Center will host a Senior Bootcamp for current AUM seniors to ensure career readiness and employability upon graduation. Students will have the opportunity to learn and discuss the key factors that are needed in order to achieve optimal career results

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