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As a consumer you have used many services in your local area. I am sure that you have at some stage been to a local restaurant, seen a doctor, or visited a tourist attraction near your home. There are many more examples such as having your car serviced, your hair cut, travelling on the train or bus, shopping in a particular shopping centre as a leisure experience and so forth.
The aim of this assessment task is to present a business report to the owner/manager of the service that you visited to give feedback on the service standard that is provided to the target market.
A. Your first step is to decide on the service provider where you have consumed a service product. You are to choose one experience that you have recently had as a consumer of a service to analyse for this assessment task.
B. Secondly, you are to determine the target market of that service provider. Determine the characteristics of that target market and their wants and needs in terms of the service you are examining. Remember that you are part of that target market. What criteria would you use for segmentation, for example age, gender, income, occupation, psychographics, family life cycle or other criteria?
C. Thirdly, you are to critically examine how well the service operation uses five of the 7Ps of marketing for its local target market. One of the Ps must relate to People.
D. Lastly, you are to make three recommendations as to how any of the 7Ps can be improved for the service you are examining.
Your argument and analysis in this report requires theoretical support from a minimum of 10 journal article references.
Your report should follow the subsequent structure:
•    title page;
•    executive summary;
•    table of contents;
•    introduction;
•    service provider description;
•    target market analysis;
•    service performance analysis on five of the 7Ps;
•    recommendation;
•    conclusion;
•    reference list.

Assessment Criteria
•    Report structure, writing style, and referencing – 5 marks
•    Service provider description – 5 marks
•    Target market analysis – 10 marks
•    Service performance analysis on five of the 7Ps – 10 marks
•    Three recommendations – 10 marks
•    Total – 40 marks

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