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Shakespeare and Film

Examine As You Like It and their film adaptations As You Like It (2006) by Kenneth Branagh and As You Like It (1936) by Paul Czinner. Thesis should address how these films adapt the play and put both films in dialogue with one another. Narrow argument by focusing on either context, culture, a character, film technique, time, or a theme.

Annotations should answer following questions:

What does the opening paragraph(s) of this article do? Situate the coming argument within a larger debate? Give historical background? Set up a theoretical lens? Some combination of the above?

2. Where does the author introduce his/her thesis? Why do you think it comes at the point it does? (I.E., do you need to understand the larger debate before seeing where the author his making his/her intervention in it?) Please restate the author’s argument in your own terms.

3. What kind of evidence does the author use to support his/her claims? Is it historical? biographical? textual? visual? Some combination? Give two examples of the evidence used and how the author argues the evidence supports the thesis.

4. What do you find confusing about this article? Are there contradictions? Are there allusions or citations you do not understand? Is there technical vocabulary? Be specific.

5. What points of the article do you find illuminating? Has it made you think of your subject matter in a new way? How?

6. Please list two strengths of this article and why you find them strong.

7. Please list two weakness of this article and why you find them weak.

8. How might this article help you in a paper about this play or film?

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