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A recent study of 2,178 business units suggested that job attitudes measured at one point in time predicted organizational financial performance roughly six months later. In the study, job attitudes were measured through employees’ responses to 12 questions (such as, “At work, my opinions seem to count”) and financial performance was measured in terms of revenue and profit margin.
Why does employee job satisfaction appear to pay off? The authors of this study uncovered two explanations: Satisfied employees are less likely to quit, and they engender stronger customer loyalty. Low turnover and high customer loyalty both helped make organizations more profitable.
This study also found some evidence for what might be called a virtuous cycle: Having satisfied employees tends to improve subsequent financial performance, which tends to improve later employee satisfaction even further.
No organization can be all things to all employees, but this study does suggest that attention to improving employee attitudes is well rewarded. The authors of this study conclude, “Improving employee work perceptions can improve business competitiveness while positively impacting the well-being of employees.

In a Minimum 2 pages, discuss some situations where you knew workers/employees were unhappy with the company or their jobs, but still did a reasonably good job. Next share insights into your own feelings about school, or a particular class you disliked but still tried very hard. Discuss why someone who is unhappy with his/her job might work hard at it and do good work. Why would someone who is happy with his/her job not perform at a higher level than the disgruntled worker?
PLEAE NOTE that, the class I dislike is FRL 301(finance 301) but I still have to try hard because I don’t have a choice, I want to graduate on time
Please use the citation that is easy to find, and i need more original content

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