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Skills and Knowledge Assessment Three: Problem Solving a Situation
For the purpose of this assessment you will be required to provide clear, detailed, written answers to the questions outlined in this assessment task. Be sure to fulfill the word requirements for each question and to provide as much information as you can to show that you have a clear understanding of the concepts presented to you in this subject (do not worry if you go a little OVER the word limit!) and that you are able to make recommendations with justification to resolve a potential problem in a scenario.


Objective    To provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of the required skills, knowledge and critical aspects of assessment.
Activity    The answers to the following questions will enable you to demonstrate your knowledge of:
?    Communication skills
?    Critical thinking skills
?    Initiative and enterprise skills
?    Literacy skills
?    Problem solving skills
?    Self-management skills
?    Teamwork skills
?    Conflict resolution techniques
?    Types of conflict
?    Conflict theory
?    Organisational policies and procedures

1. Outline ONE type of conflict situation that could (or do) occur regularly in a place of work (travel and tourism oriented).

2. Write a template conflict resolution process that you would recommend be used to resolve this conflict. You should cover how you would identify that a conflict could occur in a workplace and list all the steps from the identification to the resolution of the issue at hand.

Skills and Knowledge Assessment Three:  Problem Solving a Situation                     /15
Student was able to identify and describe one possible conflict situation in detail that could occur in a place of work. Student was able to expand on explanations and give examples to support description             /5
Student was able to create a conflict resolution process specific to the conflict of their choice. Student justified their reasoning for their choice to use this particular resolution             /5
In their resolution, the student covered how they would identify the conflict  and clearly established and explained all steps from the identification to the resolution in detail             /5
TOTAL MARKS                                                                                                                              /100
The student’s performance was:    ?    Satisfactory        ?    Not Satisfactory
Feedback to Student:

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