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Overview: You must choose two of the three questions below to answer. Each question requires you first to read and/or watch videos to get better informed on the topic. In your response you should directly quote the material as you are making your point and building your argument. You should also cite 3 pertinent course readings in your response.

Length and style: Each response should be in the range of 6-8 double-spaced pages (using size 12 font). You should use APA for citations.

Question # 1

In her speech on Internet Freedom in 2011, Secretary Clinton States: “The Internet is home to every kind of speech. False, offensive, and incendiary speech? innovative, truthful, and beautiful speech. The multitude of opinions and ideas that crowd the Internet is both a result of its openness and a reflection of our human diversity. Online and offline, everyone has a voice. And the Universal Declaration of Human Rights protects the freedom of expression for all.”

Should US tech companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google, censor and/or ban illegal groups such as terrorist groups, drug and arms’ cartels, and gangs, from using its services?

Provide an argument supporting a ban, and also provide a counter argument supporting open access regardless of affiliation.

Watch Secretary Hillary Clinton on Internet Freedom (the transcript of the speech is attached)

Question #2.

According to the Times of India article (Feb, 12m 2016) “The Free Basics platform had been initiated by Facebook as a philanthropic activity as it wanted to provide free basic internet connectivity to the unconnected across Asian, African and Latin American regions.The company has partnered more than a dozen mobile operators across 19 countries to provide the free platform. The platform provides connection to a select websites for free, and these include content on things like news, employment, health, education and local information.”

Why was the program discontinued and what does Net Neutrality have to do with it? Do you think the program should have been discontinued? Why or why not?

CEO Mark Zuckerberg Works the Lines to Pitch for Facebook’s Free Basics

The Billionaire, Big Data and Net Neutrality: Facebook and Democracy in India

Facebook Pulls out Free Basics from India

What is Net Neutrality? (Video)

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