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Social Work & Human Diversity

rading criteria for each answer:
0 Clarity and conciseness
0 Accurate representation of facts
Evidence of having read the course material and paid attention to lectures and presentations (by
making specific references to these)
0 Evidence of critical and original thinking
0 Application to practice through the use of practical examples.
Please go to the YouTube site- http:[[www.youtube.com[watch?v=al5Euiu-rOg
Please watch the YouTube program and respond to the each ofthe following questions with a paragraph
or two. This assignment must be word processed. You may cite journal articles but this quiz is based
primarily on using course material and lecture to discuss your opinions and experience.
1. IBM officially approved this You Tube program. Why do you think they did so? Do you think
other American organizations should follow lBiVi example? Why or why not? 7
2. Develop five criteria which could be used to evaluate how much an organization is ”gay-
friendly” versus ”anti-gay”.
3. Provide some examples of a type of event or incident which you may have witnessed in your
life that illustrates the contradictions and mixed messages that surround LGBT people. What
could be changed?

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