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Some Studies seem to show that women are far more likely to experience mental illness than men.However,from a sociological perspective the picture looks different.How might sociologist approach the claim that women experience more mental illness than men?

-The purpose of this essay is to demonstrate your engagement with the ideas and material explored in the unit, so your task is to draw in as much as possible to formulate your work. It is absolutely essential to base your essay on the material provided in your unit reader. You will probably also need to do additional research for this essay. Make sure you use sociological sources.

-While the essay questions may require you to present examples to support your argument, you are being assessed mainly on your ability to think sociologically – so be sure to present a sociological argument supported by examples (not lots of examples connected by a few lines of sociology)!

-As with all sociology assessment, your essay must be fully referenced using Harvard Style with a bibliography provided at the end of the set showing all texts used.

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