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Starting small Business

The paper must include at least (1) Table and (1) Graph using Excel logic. For these, you need to actually discuss them in your paper.
At least (1) reference is necessary. This can be the source for table and graph

Composition Skills –
1. Generally the paper should have the following flow:
Introduction: Acts like an opening statement describing purpose of writing.
Body/Discussion: Includes all relevant material and information for topic. The citations should be included within this.
Conclusions/Recommendations: Summary of paper highlights with recommendations for improvement of future work on the subject.
2. Make sure to use correct grammar, and sentence construction. Don’t use slang, or similar remarks. Be objective, and avoid first-person comments, unless it is necessary.
Common errors to avoid –
‘I think the growth of management in manufacturing is good because…’
Run-on sentences. These confuse the reader, do don’t simply add ‘fill-in’ material

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