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Follow the instruction, it’s a group of negotiation case study. Our character is State of Michigan. Reading the case first, and reading “How to write a managerial case report” and hit the ”

identify and address major issues in the current State of Michigan and Aramark contract and relationship.

State:    The State of Michigan and Aramark is currently 1.5 years into a 3-year contract.  A number of concerns have cropped up.  During this time, both organizations have responded or attempted to respond to these concerns (or some of these concerns).

Your team is one of the two parties (State of Michigan or Aramark).  Your team will meet with the other party to discuss your key concerns and attempt to find a solution that meets both parties concerns and needs.

Write a case report (text at 5 pages max; exhibits at an additional 3 pages max).  Follow guidelines in the “How to write a case report” found in D2L/Assignments.  The rubric for the report is also found there.  Identify the key issue, major stakeholders (business environment, product, strategy, etc.), decision criteria, alternatives, and your recommendation and action plan. Your emphasis can be on the negotiation or on the public data that you reviewed in preparation for the negotiation (or both).  Include an executive summary at the start of your report.

Your report is a team project; all team members are required to contribute to this written project.

Deliverables:    Submit the report in Word or PDF format to [email protected]du prior to 9:00am on Tuesday, April 28.  Include your team name on the report and on the email.  I will confirm receipt of your report as soon as I can.

Each individual is responsible to submit a peer review report at the start of class on Tuesday.

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