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Strategic Management

With reference to the information in the Qantas – Which route out of the
turbulence? case study (and other relevant sources) answer the following

Question 1
Identify Qantas’s core competences. Based on a structured analysis of the operating
environment, discuss how the organisation can exploit its strengths to achieve
sustainable competitive advantage in the Asian-Pacific market. What do you

Question 2
Compared with other approaches, what are the advantages and
disadvantages of Qantas’s traditional geographic focus? Use theoretical and
practical evidence to support your answer.

Question 3
What is your overall assessment of Qantas’s current situation and what
recommendations would you make for their future strategic direction in emerging
markets? Explain the reasoning behind your recommendations.

Question 4
Describe and discuss how Qantas can manage the cultural issues that result from
being a global player.

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