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strategic planing and managment in UAE

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Research topics
• “Topic : A study on the impact of Strategic Planning and Management (SPM)( of environmental scanning and strategy formulation ) on Organizational Performance(Market Expansion and Customer Value Performance and Financial Performance ) of public sector enterprises ( Fertil an fertilizer industries ,one of the petrochemical sector in ADNOC oil and gas company)in the United Arab Emirates

it shoud cover the following areas:

SPM Areas
• Environmental Scanning
• Strategy Formulation
• Strategy Implementation
• Strategy Evaluation and Control

Organizational Performance Areas
• Financial Performance
• Market Expansion and Customer Value
• Internal Business Process Performance
• Human Resource Development (Learning)

Research Proposal Contents should contents the following research frame :
1. Research Problem
• Statement of the problem
• Research questions/objectives (General/specific objectives)
• Rationale and significance of the study.
2. Design and methodology
• Design of the study
• Pilot study
• Literature survey (Theoretical and empirical)
• Hypotheses of the study
• Definition and measurement of variables
• (Conceptual definition and operational measurement of variables)
• Universe and sample
• Tools of data collection (Pretest/Reliability/Validity of the tools)
• Data collection
• Data analysis -editing, tabulation and statistical processing of data
3. Findings of the study
• Interpretation and findings
• Recommendations
• Suggestions for future research

www.fertil.com and 6 references at least

there is attachment about fertil company as case study in the paper that can be used
and i will attach also some articale that you can choose if you need it . for any unavailable data about the company the writer can put the possible relevant assumption and i will revise it also

some of fertil information
• Environmental Scanning ( fertil internal (weakness and strength) and external ( threats and opportunities)
• Strategy Formulation (Fertil corporate strategy is directional where The firm’s overall orientation toward growth strategy through concentration (concentrating (investing)“resources” on current product lines Urea and Ammonia when current products show growth potential in new intentional markets as south Africa ,canda ,Europe and US.
• and stability profit strategy in the local market by increasing the local quantity targeted to local market as there is demand and cut cost where ever possible
Organizational Performance Areas
• Financial Performance ( Fertil is reduction in the cost and budgt by 15% and using Blanca score card)
• Market Expansion and Customer Value Performance
(Fertil Marketing strategy to sell 20% as spot which help to raise the prices and control it when the prices are down and getting higher net back when price are high and 80% under formula MOU agreements which guarantee the sales when the demand is slow with better price netback )
• Fertil competitive strategy is in broad target (94% international ( over 16 destination include Asia ,US ,latin America ,Europe..) and 6%local Market ) with differentiation competitive advantage (the quality and logistics services).
Information about fertil strategis: ( as an case of the above , where you may need it , for more information can visit www.fretil.com)
Vision, Mission & Core Values

To be the First Choice Company producing and supplying environmental friendly industrial fertilizers.
• To ensure the productivity and integrity of the Company, Staff and Assets with emphasis on UAE Nationals Development.
• Manufacture and market Urea in accordance with the International HSE Standards and Quality Management Systems (OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001).
• Strengthen cooperation with other Stakeholders.
Core Values
• Customer Service
• Respect
• Value Addition
• Morale
• Community & Environment Commitment
• HSE Values
Scope of Services Vision
To market and sell Ammonia and Urea produced by FERTIL 1 & 2 at the highest netbacks, therefore satisfying the requirements of both the customers and the shareholders. Core Activities
Follow actions points in the Marketing Strategy, initiate contacts with traders/direct buyers for long term formula contracts and spot sales.
1.1.2. Business Environment (SWOT Analysis)
The following SWOT Analysis represents the factors of the business environment related to the Marketing Division
Strengths (Current) Weaknesses (Current)

• Sole supplier in UAE
• FERTIL historically a well-known company within the international market
• Strategic location
• Well experienced marketing team
• Increase in cargo size to above 50,000 MT with SDWT 71,000 MT.
• DAFF certificate end of 2014 , eased exporting to Australia.
• Operating single berth.
• Limited storage ( FERTIL 2)
• No feasibility to load bagged urea
• Marketing/IT systems need improvement

Opportunities (Future) Threats (Future)

• Long term off-take agreements (MOU)
• AD-Green Solution.
• Develop & empower new marketing employees
• Emerging Urea market into over supply period.
• China export policy & tax.

1.1.3. Business Unit Strategic Objectives
The following strategic objectives are set to ensure the effectiveness of the division’s performance as well as to overcome the challenges in the short and long term.
Business Unit Strategic Objective
1. • Sell 80% of the Urea product against long term MOU agreements
2. • Sell 20% on SPOT market
3. • Provide Marketing intelligent system
4. • Develop and empower new employees

1.1.4. Key Initiatives

Initiative #1
Strategic Objective

The Marketing Division’s major objective is to have a percentage total of its sales:
? Against long terms MOU on 80% agreement to different 5 to 6 destinations.
The Marketing Division’s second objective is to have a perecentage of its sales:
? Spot sales of 20% as per market price.

Initiative Name & Description

? Against direct sales, negotiations in line with prevailing situations for each market.
? In tender business, match with competitive price offer.
Expected Outcome of the initiatives :

? Diversity of Fertil product and net work .
? Sustain Fertil’s share in the market especially during the oversupply period.
? Strengthen the Fertil name .
? Control logistics and our inventory.

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