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Strategic Thinking

It is argued that the provision of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) is becoming a new disruptive innovation that will radically change the scene of higher education sector. Focusing on one of the most dominating companies in this area (Udacity), the aim of the assignment is to conduct a strategic analysis through three steps:
1. Analyze the external environment (at both macro and micro level) of Udacity. (500 words)
2. Critically evaluate Udacity competitive strategy in relation to MOOCs industry and other traditional higher education providers (e.g., universities). (500 words)
3. Discuss the future outlook of the industry in which Udacity operates? What new capabilities and strategy should Udacity pursue to sustain its competitive advantages? (500 words)
Principle referencing sources should be traditional texts, academic journals and other online quality business sources (BBC, the Economist, etc.). Marks will be deducted across the assignment as appropriate where there is indiscriminate and inappropriate use of web-based source material (e.g., citing Wikipedia).

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