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Student Development Philosophy

read the instructions for the Final Project prior to starting the Week Two written assignment, and assume the hypothetical role of a Student Affairs professional within a university setting. You have been asked by your supervisor to prepare a training session for a new team of academic advisors that that will be hired and onsite by the next semester.

You will prepare a five- to seven-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that will be used to introduce the new advisors to the Student Affairs department’s mission and goals and student development philosophy at your university. In addition to the five to seven content slides, the last slide should be a Reference slide that is formatted according to APA style.

Presentation is constructed to address a university?s student affairs unit mission, goals, and student development philosophy. 6
Writing Skills
Rules of grammar, usage, punctuation are followed and spelling is correct. 1
Research Criteria
Demonstrates ability to locate appropriate library or other scholarly resources relevant to a specific student development philosophy. 0.5
Style Criteria
Incorporates appropriate academic voice, unity, coherence, organization, and use of APA style and presentation is 5-7 slides in length. 0.5

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