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Supply Chain Design

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Supply Chain Design

You are hosting a tailgate party for forty people prior to the next home game for your university football team. The menu includes burgers with all of the fixings, brats, and ribs. You are responsible for procuring all the ingredients and the transportation of the ingredients and equipment to the stadium for the party.

Outline the supply chain needed to support this activity. Think about the inputs to and outputs of the supply chain and different links that create a supply chain when completing this task.

Create a 2- to 3-page report in a Microsoft Word document, answering the following questions:

What are the inputs to and outputs of a supply chain?
Why do you suggest this supply chain structure in the given situation? What are its benefits?
How will you ensure that your supply chain provides a smooth flow of resources?
What strategic issues or challenges do you anticipate? What measures do you recommend to overcome these challenges?
How will you address the supply chain using the SCOR model? Consider what your Plan is, where you will Source the products, what the Make aspect of your tailgate party is, how the products will be Delivered to you and your guests, and what the Returns processes will be.
Using the APA format, cite the sources you use on a separate page.

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