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Supply chain Management in Ikea .

Paper details:
You allowed to concentrate ( narrow down) on ikea unit or product only , but please be perspective, you can focus ( narrow down ) on problems / issues that have an special intrest. The topic can be related to in any of the book chapters (Designing and Managing the Supply chain: Concept, strategies and case studies – third edition for: David Simichi-Levi, Philip Kaminsky, Edith Smichi –Levi. Modules 2, 3 which discuss work system and ICT& E-busniess relating to chapter 12, 14&15 mentioned above. For the assignment structure: • An introduction about Ikea, describe the current situation, present the problems /issues. • Select a method and/or framework for analysis, deeply analyze and discuss. • Give conclusions and recommendations. • Minimum size 500 target size 1000 words, maximum size 1500 words. • No format requirements exist but it should be presented • Copy and paste are not allowed. • Refer to other sources when appropriate

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